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Eight homemade fruit juice with recipes, slimming down also low card
Avocado Fruit Banana Juice
Ingredients: a banana, half of the butter, milk amount
Efficacy: high nutritional value of avocado, rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, help reduce cholesterol, and sugar content is very low, suitable for people who lose weight. Banana satiety strong, recommended to drink in the morning
Kiwi pineapple juice
Ingredients: kiwi one, pineapple half, water amount
Efficacy: Kiwi contains a very rich dietary fiber, can help reduce cholesterol, but also has a digestion, detoxification, to prevent the effect of constipation. Pineapple can increase appetite, fiber rich is conducive to weight loss.
Tomato carrot juice
Ingredients: 5 small tomatoes, a carrot, water amount, two spoonful of honey
Efficacy: tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, satiety and low card. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, -carotene, etc., can improve the resistance and lower cholesterol, the two combined with weight loss effect.
Grapefruit Banana Juice
Ingredients: half grapefruit, a banana, milk or water amount
Efficacy: grapefruit with pectin and folic acid as well as vitamin C, calorie very low, helps to reduce the lower body fat and moisture accumulation.
Cucumber apple lemon juice
Ingredients: a cucumber, an apple, half a lemon, the amount of water, two spoonful of honey
Efficacy: cucumber, apple and lemon contain a lot of vitamin C, can promote digestion and gastrointestinal movement. But also help detoxification, weight loss slimming has a great effect.
Dragon fruit banana juice
Ingredients: a banana, dragon fruit half, water amount
Efficacy: banana calories are high, but low fat content, satiety and low fat. Fire dragon fruit rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, beauty beauty, detoxification, but also to prevent anemia and hardening of the blood vessels.
Orange juice
Ingredients: half of the navel, half of Sydney, the amount of water
Efficacy: navel orange rich in vitamin B, C and carotene, etc., can enhance the resistance, help to prevent arterial hardening, decomposition of fat and lower cholesterol. Pears contain a variety of vitamins and potassium, calcium, a buck, heat, sedation and diuretic effect.
Kiwi pear juice
Ingredients: Kiwi a, half of Sydney, water amount
Efficacy: kiwi fruit with anti-aging, beauty beauty, bowel detoxification and other functions, pears can balance blood pressure, improve dizziness, throat lit and other symptoms, but also in the heavy sense of kiwi fruit, very refreshing not greasy.
Small in size, portable and multi-use, can used as common cup and juice blender, can mix kinds of fruit and vegetables.
Healthy and environmentally-friendly, use new and nontoxic PP/PC material.
Safety, double safety protection switch, and charge/discharge protection.
Quick speed, can make a cup of juice within 1 minute.
Can repeat use when fully charged, and easy for charge when battery used up.
Material: Plastic
Color: green/blue/pink
Package Includes:
1 X Portable Juicer Cup
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